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Behind the Flower

Yes, that’s me Kelli Noel Crannell, with the flower in my hair.
Wondering why?

For starters, I consider accessories to be the spice of life, like a cherry on top of your favorite sundae.  It all began so innocently, wearing a flower in my hair to add a little bit of sass and style to my wardrobe and I admit, to stand out from the crowd and to be unique.  It quickly became my signature piece and took on a life of its own.  Soon family, friends, and industry professionals would comment if I was caught without it.  Now, it’s just who I am.

Believe it or not, the flower also works in your favor.  Throughout your wedding day when friends, family or guests are looking to someone for an answer, you’ll naturally point them in the direction of the girl with the flower in her hair . . .  Yes, that would be me, your fabulous wedding orchestrator, ready to solve the problem or handle any request!   Now, I have brides giving me flowers or headbands to wear in my hair as a gift because it reminds them of our time together during the planning process and makes them smile.  Like I said . . . it’s taken on a life of its own and I totally embrace it.

However, there is more to me than just a flower . . .

  • The 80’s band, Journey is my all time favorite.  Don’t be surprised if during your reception you find me in the corner quietly dancing and singing to “Don’t Stop Believing”.   No apologies here, I just can’t help myself.  If you can’t have fun while you’re working then you aren’t doing what you love
  • I am obsessed with all things pink, beautiful, girly or that sparkle and shine, which of course, includes that beautiful ring on your finger I will no doubt ask you about
  • Leopard print defines my personality to a “T” and is a staple in my closet
  • I will choose red wine in a fancy glass over beer in a frosty mug any day
  • My first love is and always will be the ocean.  Born and raised in Southern California it’s a given
  • I believe in love at first hand shake because it happened to me.  You can ask my husband and he is guaranteed to say the same.  Perhaps that’s why we were married 4 months later and going strong years after
  • My favorite emotion without a doubt is Love – this will be evident as you make your way down the aisle to the man of your dreams, when you have your first dance as husband and wife, and when you dance with your father for the final time before you begin your new life.  Each of these moments are equally important, and you can be sure I’ll be crying right along with you while handing you a tissue, or two, or three.  My job never gets old!

Okay, enough about me! I can’t wait to learn about you and the one that you love, hear your love story, and get a little glimpse into what has brought you to this pivotal moment in your life.

Call or contact me at 303.254.2410 and let’s have a chat about your wedding vision and how we can use our expertise to orchestrate YOUR perfect day!

Assistant Planner

AKA: ” Bustle Queen” + “Wedding Attire Fairy Godmother”

Kelsey was a Kelli Noel Weddings Bride in 2012. Kelsey and Owner, Kelli Noel Crannell hit it off instantly and knew they would stay in touch long after her wedding to Josh was over. An opening became available and Kelsey was a natural choice for the Kelli Noel Weddings team. She is detail oriented, and has a knack for keeping the wedding party (most importantly, the groom and groomsmen) in line and on task. She has been nicknamed the “bustle queen” as there is no bustle or wedding party attire she can’t fix, even moments before walking down the aisle. Perhaps this is all payback we say, because her own bustle had 38 bustle points and came with a 3 page map! Yes, she proudly still holds the record . . .
Kelsey became part of the team in 2013 and has been the right hand assistant to owner, Kelli Noel Crannell since. Kelsey has personally assisted Kelli with 50+ weddings, and has proven to be a natural with wedding orchestration and handling any situation that comes her way with a calm and professional manner. Her background in event management only adds to the experience she brings to each wedding. Her personality and laugh are infectious and truly bring an ease to those around her.

Kelsey’s favorite part of orchestrating weddings – “I love being a part of the special moments before the wedding begins. I love helping get the groom/groomsman get set with their pocket squares and last minute jitters or helping the bride/bridesmaids with adjustment to their dresses”

Kelsey’s favorite moment of the wedding day – “Hands down the Father/Daughter dance is my favorite moment. As a daddy’s girl nothing melts my heart more than that moment. Yes, I tear up at each and every wedding for that special dance, I have also been known to do the ugly cry at one or two weddings.”

Personal tidbits – Kelsey + Josh tied the knot at Spruce Mountain Guest Ranch in October of 2012. They have a fur baby “Gemma” who loves snuggles and for now enjoys being the princess. Kelsey and Josh are BIG Green Bay Packer fans and on football Sunday’s can be found sporting their green and yellow!

To inquire if Kelsey is available to orchestrate your wedding day, please contact us here


Wedding Assistant

AKA: “DIY Décor Diva” / “Style Maven”

Bonnie came to Kelli Noel Weddings in 2014 after her own wedding in June of 2013, which yes, Kelli Noel Weddings orchestrated. Bonnie is a high school teacher by trade and was looking for a creative outlet during the summer months. The business was growing and Kelli Noel Weddings was looking for an assistant who could bring another dimension to the team and Bonnie was it! There is nothing this girl can’t make or dream up. Her creativity and artistry when it comes to décor, floral or overall design is exactly what the team needed. The clients have loved her help with design and the way she brings their vision and personality into their wedding day with style.

Bonnie’s background as a teacher sure helps on the wedding day as she is calm under pressure and she can handle any last minute crises without even thinking twice. We love her dry sense of humor and the way she keeps the girls laughing even after a 12+ hour day.

Bonnie’s favorite part of orchestrating weddings – “Since I love the details and often ensure everything is meticulously in its place, I love seeing the couple’s reaction when they are introduced to the reception space for the first time after it has been finished and decorated beautifully.” 

Bonnie’s favorite moment of the wedding day - “When the bride walks down the aisle. It’s just such a beautiful moment when the couple’s whole life is ahead of them! How romantic!”

Personal Tidbits – Bonnie + Fred were hitched in 2013 at Hudson Gardens. Bonnie is a native of Virginia and graduated from Virginia Tech. You can often find the two lovebirds at a local pub rooting on their favorite team, outdoors enjoying the Colorado activities, at home being entertained by their 2 dogs Boochy + Luna, or creating their own microbrew.

If you are interested in having Bonnie Style your wedding or help you with a DIY project, please

contact us here for her availability


Wedding Assistant

AKA: “Social Media Goddess” / “Wedding Orchestrator in Training”

Eleigh is the newest addition to the Kelli Noel Weddings Team. She got her feet wet shadowing the team on our final 2 weddings of the 2014 season and has naturally been bitten by the wedding bug.

Eleigh had followed Kelli Noel Weddings on various forms of Social Media, you could say she was stalking us. However, it was for good reason, she wanted to be a part of the wedding industry and was obsessed with the finest of details. When she felt she was ready, she contacted Kelli, they met, and the rest you can say is history.

We are excited to have her on our team and we see a bright future for Eleigh. She knows a great deal about the sea of social media, technology and even maintains her own personal blog. Eleigh plans to assist with as many weddings this year that we can throw at her and she isn’t the least bit scared . . . we love it, and her!!

Eleigh’s favorite part of orchestrating weddings – “I love being a part of people’s happily ever after. Making their special day perfect makes me feel like I have a purpose. I love helping people.”

Eleigh’s favorite moment of the wedding day – “I love seeing the bride walk down the aisle. That is a moment in a woman’s life when she feels the most beautiful, and it shows. Brides glow as they are walking down the aisle, seeing their soon to be husband’s face. It is a beautiful moment.”

Personal Tidbits – Eleigh is married to her high school sweetheart, Sean and they are the proud parents of a beautiful boy, Bauston that is the center of their world. They are both working hard to finish their college degrees and look forward to what the future holds. In her down time Eleigh enjoys blogging, exercising, and playing with Bauston.

When you choose to work with Kelli Noel Weddings, you may just see Eleigh’s bright smile and enthusiasm on your wedding day!